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Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify the interdental professional collaborative experience

Utilize a centralized platform that seamlessly connects dentists, dental specialists, dental radiologists, dental laboratories and dental imaging centers, resulting in enhanced, efficient, and more predictable patient care.

Our Story

Oral & Maxillofacial Radiologists Dr. James Rock and Dr. Ryan Holmes embarked on a transformative journey when they recognized the limitations within the existing medical-centric imaging platforms that dental radiologists and their dental referrals were forced to use. They received feedback across the dental landscape during their time working closely with many in the dental industry: dentists, dental specialists, dental laboratories, and dental imaging centers were all seeking a unified platform to streamline imaging storage, communication, collaboration, and transparency in their processes.

Dr. Rock and Dr. Holmes recognized the profound need for a comprehensive solution that could bridge the gaps and inefficiencies of the dental industry. Driven by their passion for innovation, they dedicated countless hours to research, development, and consultations with industry experts to ensure their platform would address the diverse needs of the dental community. Our goal: provide an innovative and more streaminlined digital dentistry solution that revolutionizes dental care by simplifying the archiving and collaboration process.

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The Process

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